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14 Jul 2006: Castor Plug-in for Eclipse v2.0.4 released
This update bundles the latest Castor XML release (v1.0.1). In addition to the customary Java-based installer, it is also available as a separate runtime feature archive, as well as an SDK feature archive with the plug-in's source code. (0 comments)
02 Mar 2006: Castor Plug-in for Eclipse v2.0.3 released
After a long period of inactivity, I managed to squeeze out a small update of this plug-in. This release works with Eclipse 3.1 and includes the latest available Castor XML release (1.0M2).

To install, download and run the IzPack-based installer (install-com.pnehrer.castor_2.0.3.jar). If you already have a previous version, you can obtain an update from the update site. (0 comments)
05 Nov 2004: Castor Plug-in for Eclipse v2.0.2 released
This service release fixes bug 1045810 and adds support for migration of configuration information from workspaces using Castor Plug-in v1.x.

To install this release, please download and launch file install-com.pnehrer.castor_2.0.2.jar. If you already have Castor Plug-in v2.x, you can use your Update Manager to download this release. (1 comments)
12 Oct 2004: Castor Plug-in for Eclipse v2.0.1 released
In addition to several bug fixes, this release adds support for tracking and clean-up of previously generated files. Furthermore, it provides a wizard to add Castor libraries to the project's build path directly from the plug-in, or after importing them into the project. For more information, please see the release notes. (0 comments)
16 Sep 2004: Castor Plug-in for Eclipse v2.0.0 released
The second incarnation of the plug-in is built on Eclipse 3.0 and wraps the Castor Source Generator as an External Tool. It provides a launch configuration dialog with a GUI for Castor's command-line options. The generator is then launched as an external Java process. Castor runtime libraries are packaged in an independent, self-contained plug-in (org.exolab.castor), with a Java classpath variable (CASTOR) pointing to their location. Additional features are planned for future releases. To download, please visit . (0 comments)
16 Jul 2003: Castor Plugin for Eclipse v1.1.0 released
This release includes the following changes:
- added preference page to control default generator settings
- added new generator settings to Castor schema file property page to override default preferences
- created Eclipse-friendly source generator dialog class to interact with the user whenever the generator needs user input or report an error/warning
- added logging of previously ignored exceptions
- updated Castor's SourceGenerator to accept dialog
implementation other than the default ConsoleDialog
- upgraded project structure for Eclipse 2.1.1

Please see the (sub-)project page at for further details. (0 comments)
01 Apr 2003: Castor Eclipse Plug-in v1.0.1 Released
Version 1.0.1 of the Castor Eclipse Plug-in v1.0.1 has been released. This maintenance release includes refactoring that makes this plug-in compatible with JDK 1.3.1 and Eclipse 2.0 (e.g., WebSphere Application Developer 5). Please see the release notes for instructions on how to upgrade. (0 comments)
24 Mar 2003: Castor Plugin for Eclipse Released
Initial version of Castor Eclipse Plugin has been released. This release contains basic support for generation of XML marshalling code using Castor. It wraps Castor's SourceGenerator in Eclipse's Incremental Builder, thus making Castor source generation in Eclipse seamless. Basic options, such as output directory and package are provided. (0 comments) Logo Valid HTML 4.01!Valid CSS!Graphics by GIMP Get Firefox
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