Castor Plug-in for Eclipse


The current release of the plug-in integrates the Castor Source Generator into Eclipse as an External Tool. In particular, it provides the following set of features:

  • Castor Source Generator integrated into Eclipse as an External Tool, which generates Java source code from an XML Schema file into a configured Java project. It is launched as an external Java process. May be configured to run synchronously, or in the background, and may be set up to track and clean up previously generated files.

  • Launch configuration dialog with a validating GUI to support entry of command-line options. In addition, it supports customization of the classpath, JRE, and common launch configuration options.

  • Castor runtime libraries packaged in an independent, self-contained plug-in (org.castor.xml), with a Java classpath variable (CASTOR) pointing to their location

  • Wizard to import Castor libraries into the project and/or add them to its Java build path

Planned Features

In subsequent releases, one or more of the following may be implemented:

  • Wizard to support migration of project settings from the previous version of the plug-in

  • Advanced Options editor, which would provide a validating GUI to support the editing of Castor's Advanced Options

  • Binding File editor to edit the optional binding files that provide a way to customize the generation process Logo Valid HTML 4.01!Valid CSS!Graphics by GIMP Get Firefox
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